St. Peter’s has twelve Vestry members serving three-year terms, with four members elected at each annual parish meeting in January. The presiding officer of the Vestry is the Rector, and there are two wardens: a Senior Warden, who is a support person for the Rector, and a Junior Warden, who oversees the church property and buildings. The Vestry also appoints a Clerk and Treasurer. The basic responsibilities of the Vestry are to work with the Rector to define and articulate the mission of the congregation, to support the church’s mission by word and deed, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances.

Class of 2024

Dick Marchbanks

Sage Nichols

Leslie Showalter

Senior Warden

John Welty

Class of 2025

Donna Gottshall

Travis Huebner

Trace Randall

Junior Warden

Kristen Walker

Class of 2026

James Dowd

Trey Morris

Helen Phillips

Chris Rogers


Bryon Cohron


Alan Spurgeon